Road Trip!

I took an impromptu road trip to Colorado in March.  Impromptu because some work I had in Asia fell through, leaving me with a gaping hole in my calendar.  So I jumped into the Snowpocalypse S2000, and, 1,700 miles later found myself skiing in CO.  I’ve been so busy since I got back that I’ve […]

Secret Mountain Retreat Edits

I know I’ve been reposting a lot of stuff that isn’t my work lately, but  that’s because I’ve been coming across such interesting things that I’ve felt compelled to share with you all.  So I have. But tonight, some originals. I’m not one to do a lot of post-processing.  I figure, if I can’t get […]

Doe, A Deer…

I’ve posted several pics about the weekend I had celebrating my buddy’s 30th, what with the house, snow, beer, hot tub, etc.  What I failed to mention were the deer that had taken up residence on the edge of the property, nestled under some snowy pine trees. So one afternoon I broke out the 70-200, […]

The Snowpocalypse S2000 Rides Again

After reading some of the criticism from my first Snowpocalypse post (‘the roads were plowed!’, ‘there were no hills!’) especially after it made it onto Jalopnik, I was tempted to post a rebuttal.  I don’t really have the time or energy for that though.  Instead, I’ll just post more photos.  And now, a video.  And […]

Snowpocalypse S2000 Oversteer Fun

So I got a lot of flak about driving on paved roads in my Snowpocalypse S2000 post, which is to be understood.  Thing was, I didn’t know it’d end up on Jalopnik, else I’d have picked more ‘perfect’ backdrops.  That, and because I was on public roads that were constantly being plowed (and it was […]

Apparently NYC Got Snow, Too

My buddy Craig shot this photo in Central Park when they finally got hit with Snowpocalypse 2 after it had ravaged the Mid-Atlantic.  I enjoyed it so much that I’m reposting it here.  Check out Craig’s blog when you get a chance, he’s got a little bit of talent 😉 Enjoy!