2013 Aquaphor NYC Triathlon

nyc triathlon

I had the pleasure to work with Korf Enterprises in July to shoot the 2013 Aquaphor NYC Triathlon. The logistics of shooting a tri are always tricky as the course continually doubles back on itself. Couple that with the frantic, crowded nature of NYC, and getting around was understandably tricky at best. Thankfully, I had Dmitry Gudkov second-shooting with me […]

Ride More, Drive Less


I bought this awesome t-shirt the other day. That same evening I went for a ride on a new commuter bike that I’ve been putting together. Riding up the west side bike path, I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw how badly traffic was backed up. Ride more, drive less. How appropriate. The t-shirt […]

Hurricane Sandy, part 47

downtown nyc without power as seen from a west village rooftop. nyc. 2012.

The #121212 Concert last night reminded me that I was sitting on a bunch of pics that I took during Hurricane Sandy. You can see the rest of the photos, including hanging out w/ my buddies 6-month old daughter (who was a trooper, and totally not thrown off her baby game by the storm), here. […]

Personal Project Launch: NYC by Bike


I am a cyclist. I am a photographer. I live in NYC. This, then, is my love letter to NYC. For the rest of the photos, click here. [UPDATE] It seems these photos have gone a bit ‘viral’. Awesome! I love that they’ve resonated with so many of you. It’s incredible, really. So here’s a […]