Snowpocalypse in the S2000

I’m long overdue for a big post.  And given the recent big weather the mid-atlantic’s received, I felt it only appropriate that I give this storm it’s due in the best way I know how – by venturing out into this mess and making photos.  So, without further ado, I bring you the fruits of my cold fingers!

On Saturday, February 5th, we got dumped on.  30″ of snow, to be exact.  See?

For some, that spells disaster.  For me?  Opportunity.

But first, I had to dig the car out.  Brr.

Once uncovered I went for a short drive just to see how messy things were.  Messy indeed!

How messy?  No pavement to be seen anywhere, and the only other vehicles out on the roads were the snowplows and Hummers.  O, and select jackasses in Escalades on their cellphones.  A**holes.  For those of you familiar w/ the DC/MD area, this was on 370 headed away from the Shady Grove Metro.  I was the only car on the road.

4×4?  Don’t need no stinkin’ 4×4.

So after checking the roads out I went home, and tucked my car up next to a snowbank that was literally as tall as it.

The next morning the snow had stopped falling and I was treated to these sights:

Of course I was going to drive in them!

No need for the top, then.

Proper equipment for the job.  My AP2 had Blizzaks mounted on a spare set of AP1’s for those enthusiasts among us.

Cozy place to be, dontcha think?

Come on, climb in.  Let’s go have some fun.

Back on the road I stopped for a quick photo op under some snow covered trees.  I was so nervous that one might’ve crashed down on the car.

Headed back home, the roads were atrocious.

I mean, really bad.

I HIGHLY recommend NOT driving with your knees on the wheel in the snow while taking pictures…

Parting thoughts. 1) You don’t need AWD or 4WD to get around in the snow.  It definitely helps, but it’s not 100% necessary.  Dedicated snow tires and a healthy dose of common sense will get you wherever you need to go, within reason. 2) Just because you drive an SUV doesn’t mean you can stop any faster than me.  Please don’t tailgate, especially in this weather. 3) CLEAN YOUR ROOF OFF.  It’s a) illegal and b) just plain stupid to hit the highway doing 60mph with a 2ft blanket of snow on your roof.  Clean that sh*t off!

That’s all I got.  Until the next storm hits.  Aren’t they calling for 10+ on Tuesday?  🙂

*These photos were brought to you by the good folks at the American Honda Company, Nikon cameras and those tire wizards at Bridgestone.  Thanks for the Blizzaks, guys! (Oh, and definitely get yours from The Tire Rack!)

To see the rest of the pics, go here.

UPDATE – The full gallery used to live here then here, but that’s being phased out. From now on the photos will live here.


  1. akirachan says

    I salute you for being so daring, but at the same time not forgetting your sense of humor and sense of brotherhood! You are truly awesome!

  2. lewis_medlock says

    overall, nice pics. But. The roads in the photos have been plowed. Or at least trampled upon by previous drivers. No way is that Hundah gonna make it through 6″ of unplowed snow, with or without the all conquering blizzaks. ‘spose if you live in MD and work in the beltway thats fine. That hundah would make a nice summer only car in the U.P. or other like locales.
    _just my 2 cents.

  3. Evan says

    Some thoughts of my own. Not everyone lives directly off streets that are promptly cleared. All of those pictures show roads that have been cleared at some point during the storm so it really doesn’t matter if the snow depth in your yard is 30 inches or 30 feet. Even the “really bad” photo only shows and inch or two of coverage. Often, I am the first one driving in the driven snow until I reach a more travelled road and anything over a couple of inches requires AWD to make it up a modest hill. At 5 inches or so your rear drive Honda becomes an immobilized snow plow, snow tires or not.

  4. says

    Guys, I’m just having a little bit (a lot, actually) of fun with a car that most wouldn’t dare pull out of the garage in this sort of weather.

    I’m not saying this is the perfect winter-weather mobile and I’m very much aware of when and where I’d get stuck, Blizzaks or not. Let’s keep a little perspective, huh? 🙂


  5. Eric says

    Nice photos of a fun mission. I live in MN and have a 2006 S2000 that is patiently waiting for March~April to arrive, as I decided not to test fate in the snow. (My Jeep takes winter duties) Kudos to you for pushing the limits and having some fun.

    And folks, take a chill pill. The author is not saying that his S2000 is going to be the perfect snow vehicle, or that these are the worst roads in the world. He is just showing his love of driving!

  6. BlueBrat says

    Ahaahaa dude I did the same with the the same Blizzaks in my blue s2k! Gotta love those tires, they are magnificent, and so is the car of course! Great stuff.

  7. Merc63 says

    Looks like a lot of fun! I remmebr driving old MGs in the snow like that back in the day. But while you didn’t say your car was the perfect snow car, you DID say, no 4×4 was needed, but showed pics of groomed, packed, plowed roads. So I can understand where the replies are coming from. had the roads not been plowed yet, you would have needed a 4×4 to get around, mostly for clearance issues.

    Kudos for enjoying the car, especially with the top down! Proper convertible owner, that!

  8. MS2K_TW says

    I live in Canada, and I drive my s2k through winter every year. Those snow looks pretty normal to me 😉 I have the same ap1 rims and xice. No need for 4×4 indeed. Great photos.

  9. V says

    Wooaaawwww !! That’s some adventure and some awesome pics !! Probably what did also help you was a broad wheel base on your sports’ car ? Again, simply superb pics and narration !

  10. says

    I think I saw your car that day at Grandmart! I saw this post on Jalopnik. The site only shows the one picture. But I was wondering when I saw it parked their how could he drive his S2000 in this mess. Now I know! Nice pictures too.

  11. Malcolm Bruce says

    Respect. I have had to take the giggles from family and friends for my S2k sitting on the drive for 2 weeks as UK had it’s (probably only) bad snowfall of this winter – bad = 6 inches. No value in buying snow tyres here sadly without which my car is the motoring equivelent of Bambi.

  12. says

    Great pics! You tell and show such a lovely snow story 🙂
    I enjoyed the excursion… 30 inches though… wow, that is quite the snow dump! Stay Warm and fuzzy, my friend!

  13. Neil Battelle says

    To the people claiming this is only possible on freshly plowed roads: Wrong. I live in Syracuse, NY. Our average snowfall is 120″. I drive a Miata with Michelin X Ice snows on all four corners. I drive all winter, every winter, plowed roads or not, and have NEVER been stuck. Congratulations to Tom for not being a chickensh*t.

  14. Eric Holdeman says

    As a S2000 owner, mine is tucked safely in the garage with a cover on it and the battery charger turned on. Come April I’ll reactivate the insurance and drive it on sunny days–not gonna even get it wet!

  15. says

    Briefly scanned the comments, and actually, it “Hundah” would make it through six inches of unplowed snow. I plowed the subdivision’s streets yesterday from 7 inches down to 4.

    Great pictures; after getting sick of people, I stopped taking and posting pictures, but it’s good to see another S2000 owner giving it a try.

  16. Robert says

    Nice to know that I am not the only one driving an S with Blizzaks in winter under all conditions. Same set-up: AP1 wheels with LM-25s & -22s on AP2.

    Who needs friggin AWD?

  17. Diane Brown says

    I love snow once a year – just to see similar views – but once a year is enough. Unfortunately, I live in Northern NY….I friggin love your car, Dave!

  18. VegasDude says

    KUDOS to you brother.. WHY? are there so many pussies that would not dare take their S2K’s out in winter??? I grew up in Portland OR, and drove ALL types of cars in ICE, SNOW, etc… Good set of studs, or BLIZZAKS.. GOOD TO GO BRO !!!!! You make me PROUD !!!!!!!!!!!


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