Rapha Bowery – NYC’s Fastest Mechanic Competition

(Warning: Monster Pic Post Ahead!)

I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph the Rapha Bowery’s NYC’s Fastest Mechanic Competition tonight.

4 mechanics…

Jon (Signature)
Dave (NYC Velo)
Mark Purdy (Ifixbyx)
Jose (Sid’s)

Battled it out for the title of ‘Fastest Mechanic in NYC 2010’.  The winner receiving a fistful of cash, a Pedros Master Tool Kit and the (soon to be coveted) pink monkey-wrench.

But before I jump into the action, I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty sure Stella Artois was the main sponsor…

I digress!  To the action!

Congrats, Jose!

And in keeping w/ the Rapha motif, some b&w’s of the evening –




To see the entire gallery without my lame comments, go here.



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