New Website, Broken Links, New Work


If you’re a regular reader of this site, you’ll have noticed two things recently. One, the content here is way past it’s freshness date. We’re talking stale bread here. And two, there are a ton of broken links. But there’s a reason for this! I’ve reworked my portfolio website. New photos, new content, fresh baked bread.

That said, I won’t be publishing to anymore (not that I’ve published anything recently!). Head on over to for all the latest and greatest.

If you’re curious about the change, what I’ve done here is an engine swap. Literally. is no longer on a self-hosted account with wordpress running the show. Instead, I’ve moved over to Squarespace. By spending more money upfront, I won’t have to spend any more time on the backend (that’s the idea, anyway!) trying to hack together a website that looks/feels the way that I want it to. That means I can spend more time shooting and marketing and less time troubleshooting and pretending that I can code. So far, so good. My initial impressions tell me that I’ve made the right move.

The only downside is that I’m going to lose a ton of SEO/google love that was associated with all of the links here. (If anyone out there has any ideas on how I can best mitigate this, I’m all ears! Shoot me an email – tom (at) tomolesnevich (dot) com).

Happy Labor Day. Hope you enjoy the new site!

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