Cycling Through Times Square

I’m working on a new rig setup to hopefully capture via stills what cycling through NYC looks like, to me. I plan on adding a Go-Pro or a Contour to the setup for some behind the scenes footage at some point, but I need to nail the stills first.

Of my trial run, I was decently happy with this shot. I’d like to get a bit more motion blur and a stronger point of focus, but considering this was my first attempt at grabbing a shot like this, I’ll consider it a success.

Err, sort of. Minutes after this shot was taken, my rig fell apart and my camera went tumbling down 42nd st where it rolled under an 18-wheeler that had blown through a red light. Watching a dslr roll down a street in Manhattan is something I hope you never have to experience! Thankfully my camera rolled out the other side relatively unscathed. Just a chip on the focus ring of my lens – whew!

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