New Website, Broken Links, New Work


If you’re a regular reader of this site, you’ll have noticed two things recently. One, the content here is way past it’s freshness date. We’re talking stale bread here. And two, there are a ton of broken links. But there’s a reason for this! I’ve reworked my portfolio website. New photos, new content, fresh baked […]

First Day of Spring

And we get a summer sunset? You’re silly, NYC. You’re silly. While I waited for the sun to do it’s thing, I confirmed that reading your Kindle in direct sunlight (while you wait for that glowing fireball to set) is easy-peasy. Assuming this ridiculous weather continues, I’m thinking that a short, 5-part, NYC sunset photoset is […]

63 Degrees Means Shorts

The first ride of the year in shorts is always a memorable one. To be liberated from booties and balaclavas is a great feeling indeed. Feeling the sun on your legs is pretty killer, too. Post ride green monster. Mine has spinach, whey protein, ovaltine (I love me some ovaltine!), flax meal, almond butter and soy […]

53 On March 7th

It’s been a seriously crap winter in the Northeast this year (if you define a crap winter as a warm one with no snow, as I do), so I’ve been spending more time on my bike than normal during this time of year. During today’s ride, I realized that I don’t share any of the […]