2014 Boulder Peak Triathlon Run Photos

I’m terrible behind a keyboard. Hopefully I’m a little bit better behind a camera. (this is a roundabout way of addressing the fact that I don’t post very often.) That said, I was out on course shooting the run leg of the 2014 Boulder Peak Triathlon. (this is a very roundabout way of mentioning that […]

Andrew Talansky at the 2010 Tour of the Gila

Velonews published a short piece on Andrew Talansky yesterday. In it, Jonathan Vaughters is quoted, ‘‘I didn’t know who the hell Talansky was’. Here’s how they met,  “On a Sunday morning, this guy who used to help support our under-23 team asked if I wanted to fly down and watch the final day of the […]

2013 Aquaphor NYC Triathlon

nyc triathlon

I had the pleasure to work with Korf Enterprises in July to shoot the 2013 Aquaphor NYC Triathlon. The logistics of shooting a tri are always tricky as the course continually doubles back on itself. Couple that with the frantic, crowded nature of NYC, and getting around was understandably tricky at best. Thankfully, I had Dmitry Gudkov second-shooting with me […]