Pier 26


My wife and I have seen three shows during this, the inaugural year of concerts at Pier 26. We saw a personal fave of mine, The Gaslight Anthem, in July. And we saw Passion Pit on back to back nights just last weekend. Pier 26 is an incredible venue. It’s a pier. You’re outside. In […]

Hurricane Sandy, part 47

downtown nyc without power as seen from a west village rooftop. nyc. 2012.

The #121212 Concert last night reminded me that I was sitting on a bunch of pics that I took during Hurricane Sandy. You can see the rest of the photos, including hanging out w/ my buddies 6-month old daughter (who was a trooper, and totally not thrown off her baby game by the storm), here. […]

A Drive Into Darkness

A Drive Into Darkness

I was displaced by Hurricane Sandy for a week. When I woke up Tuesday morning, I was without power, water or cell phone service. Thankfully, my fiance’s sister lives in Hell’s Kitchen, which was left completely untouched. So we camped out there for the week. Come Wednesday night, the streets looked like any other Wednesday […]

Personal Project Launch: NYC by Bike


I am a cyclist. I am a photographer. I live in NYC. This, then, is my love letter to NYC. For the rest of the photos, click here. [UPDATE] It seems these photos have gone a bit ‘viral’. Awesome! I love that they’ve resonated with so many of you. It’s incredible, really. So here’s a […]