Am I Invisible? A Portrait of New York City Bicyclists

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If you’re local to NYC and have some free time tonight, I’d recommend you check out ‘Am I Invisible? A Portrait of New York City Bicyclists‘ from 6 to 9 pm at the Old Stone House*. Am I Invisible? is inspired by the experience of biking in the city. Biking creates intimacy with the built environment, encourages social […]

Artcrank NYC 2013


I’m slightly hungover from ARTCRANK @ Bicycle Habitat last night so I won’t talk too much or too loudly – instead, here’s a few photos from last night (shot w/ my x100s – love that camera). Nice work, Chris!  And one from instagram – thanks @artcrank ! art. bicycles. beer. cc: @cs_kennedy

Hurricane Sandy, part 47

downtown nyc without power as seen from a west village rooftop. nyc. 2012.

The #121212 Concert last night reminded me that I was sitting on a bunch of pics that I took during Hurricane Sandy. You can see the rest of the photos, including hanging out w/ my buddies 6-month old daughter (who was a trooper, and totally not thrown off her baby game by the storm), here. […]

A Drive Into Darkness

A Drive Into Darkness

I was displaced by Hurricane Sandy for a week. When I woke up Tuesday morning, I was without power, water or cell phone service. Thankfully, my fiance’s sister lives in Hell’s Kitchen, which was left completely untouched. So we camped out there for the week. Come Wednesday night, the streets looked like any other Wednesday […]