New Music – Thanks Dad


I posted this photo to instagram today for #tbt along w/ the caption – “Thanks #dad, for instilling in me an appreciation of #music at such a young age. Also, OG hipster status – ha! #tbt” And it’s true. I have my dad to thank for turning me on to music at such a young age, and for […]

Pier 26


My wife and I have seen three shows during this, the inaugural year of concerts at Pier 26. We saw a personal fave of mine, The Gaslight Anthem, in July. And we saw Passion Pit on back to back nights just last weekend. Pier 26 is an incredible venue. It’s a pier. You’re outside. In […]

Catalpa 2012. Meh.


This is going to be a bit of a rant. So if that’s not to your liking, I’ll start with the tl;dr version. tl;dr, Catalpa 2012 can be summed up in two thoughts. One, they over-promised and under-delivered. Two, the festival was essentially lots of professional acts wrapped up in amateur hour. Want specifics? Okay, […]

Testing: Spotify’s Play Widget

1) I dislike Spotify. It doesn’t work well enough for the $10/month that I pay for it. Skipping tracks, songs not sync’ing correctly for offline use, etc. It’s frustrating. 2) But not as frustrating as iTunes is. So this is me testing out Spotify’s new play widget. Almost. It took me 3 tries to get […]