Gear Testing: GoPro In the Wind

Gear Testing: GoPro In the Wind

If you follow me here you’ll know that I can’t resist posting snapshots that I take from the roof of my building in Manhattan – especially when the weather’s nice. I’m super lucky. The view is fantastic and the sunsets are even better. What I never mention is that it’s crazy windy up there! Because […]



(Disclaimer: I love watches) When Samsung’s smartwatch (Galaxy Gear) was announced yesterday, the first thing that popped into my head was, “what’s the point?” Which echoed my thoughts of earlier this year when I caught wind of the becomb infinity piece. The contrast between these two ‘watches’ couldn’t be more clear. On the one hand, you have the bleeding […]

Ride More, Drive Less


I bought this awesome t-shirt the other day. That same evening I went for a ride on a new commuter bike that I’ve been putting together. Riding up the west side bike path, I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw how badly traffic was backed up. Ride more, drive less. How appropriate. The t-shirt […]

All Time, All Time

disposable wet

“All time, all time.” Within my group of friends, that’s one better than epic. It’s saying, ‘that’s as good as it gets’. And it could be in reference to anything, from a great friend to a great time. Who am I kidding? It could be in reference to anything from hamburger to a homerun. So […]