Andrew Talansky at the 2010 Tour of the Gila

Velonews published a short piece on Andrew Talansky yesterday. In it, Jonathan Vaughters is quoted, ‘‘I didn’t know who the hell Talansky was’. Here’s how they met, 

“On a Sunday morning, this guy who used to help support our under-23 team asked if I wanted to fly down and watch the final day of the (2010) Tour of the Gila,” Vaughters said. “I thought, ‘Why not?’ …

…That year in Gila, Lance, Levi Leipheimer and David Zabriskie were there and then there’s this kid who doesn’t have anyone feeding him, no mechanic, no teammates and he’s fourth overall, but I didn’t know who the hell he was.”

“It was a 120-mile stage in the mountains in southern New Mexico, so it’s hot. He puts up his bottle to see if someone else will give him a bottle. I felt sorry for him so I drove up and gave him one. He said, ‘Thank you so much! I don’t have anyone feeding me! I don’t know what to do!’”

That made me laugh. And also piqued my curiosity. You see, in 2010 I’d just hung my shingle as a photographer. Wanting some photos of pros, I jumped into my car and drove from MD to NM to photograph the Tour of the Gila. Lance was going to be there to get some racing miles in his legs ahead of his ‘comeback’. So last night I went digging through my archives to see if I could find any photos of Talansky. I have a few, which I’ve posted here. And what’s noticeable about them is that he’s impossible to find. Save for the TT, his face was never in the wind. But I do have some video! Kudos for smart racing, Andrew. And best of luck at le Tour this year!

andrew talansky TT 2010 tour of the gila

andrew talansky TT 2010 tour of the gila


andrew talansky keeping out of trouble during the final stage of the 2010 tour of the gila

Check the video from 2010. Talansky is in about 9th position on the final climb of the day that caught JV’s attention.

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