Updated: And Then Came The October Weather

Because we’re experiencing damn near summer-like weather in NYC, I thought it would be fun to shoot a photo of the sunset every evening during the work week and share it with you guys. Sadly, today was something closer to early October weather, so here’s an extra from yesterday’s grabs.

So this is silly. As soon as I post yesterday’s throw-away, the clouds break, the sun pokes out, and we’re back in business. Mother nature, you have a cruel sense of humor.

Looks like I took these photos around the same time – see the plane?


  1. […] Wednesday was tricky. I had a late afternoon meeting and the sky was completely overcast. Where it had been in the 70′s on Monday and Tuesday, it had dipped into the 50′s on Wednesday. Thinking the project was over before it really got started, I didn’t rush home to see the sun set. But I really did want to make this work and to shoot all five evenings, so at 6:30pm on Wednesday I posted this extra from Tuesday evening as a band-aid. […]

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