53 On March 7th

It’s been a seriously crap winter in the Northeast this year (if you define a crap winter as a warm one with no snow, as I do), so I’ve been spending more time on my bike than normal during this time of year. During today’s ride, I realized that I don’t share any of the photos I take during those rides.

That changes today. Err, right now, actually.

Today’s ride was a bunch of loops in Central Park. This is on the west side, looking across the pond towards 59th st. Riding in NYC is full of fun visual juxtapositions like this.

Further south in the park you can see the CNN building which helpfully displays time/temp. Hit a high of 53 during today’s ride. I’ve seen that board read as low as -19F and as high as 102F, iirc.

Shooting out of the bottom of the park, across 59th st and headed down towards home (and Times Sq – which are not one in the same, thankfully). The contrast to the relative quiet of the park is so stark. And loud.

Speaking of contrasts, it wasn’t lost on me how completely different an SR-71 Blackbird is from a bicycle.

So I guess you could sum up today’s ride as a study in contrast. I’m cool with that.


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