2014 Panasonic NYC Triathlon

The folks who run the NYC Triathlon were kind enough to have me out again to do photos for them. And again I asked Dmitry Gudkov (you might have seen his work for Tough Mudder or his #bikenyc portrait series) to second shoot with me. It started drizzling around 3am and didn’t let up until 11am. Soggy photographers, we were. Nothing like swimming in the Hudson wet, but close.

One of the requests I got this year was, ‘can we do a time-lapse of a transition setup?’ Happy to! And that was the extent of the request. Full stop. The rest was up to me. It’s fantastic when client’s put their trust in you.

Speaking of setup, can you imagine the logistics that go behind creating a pro-level tri transition in a city as dense as NYC, or organizing a swim in the Hudson for 4,000 people!? (Note – I didn’t see any Hudson Mustache’s).

So here it is – a short video showing a behind the scenes look at what it takes to turn an empty space in NYC (in this case, softball fields) into a pro-level tri transition.

See? No Hudson Mustache.




Head on over to the main website to see more photos. And keep checking this space, I have some more fun content coming out soon.


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