2014 Boulder Peak Triathlon Run Photos

I’m terrible behind a keyboard. Hopefully I’m a little bit better behind a camera.

(this is a roundabout way of addressing the fact that I don’t post very often.)

That said, I was out on course shooting the run leg of the 2014 Boulder Peak Triathlon.

(this is a very roundabout way of mentioning that my wife and I recently moved to Denver from NYC.)

So, if you’re a local pro and haven’t already had your fill of images from Sunday’s super hot and humid event, head on over to the gallery.

(this is a super roundabout way of introducing myself to you local pros. If any of you are racing the NYC Tri in a few weeks, come say hi!)

Women’s Pro winner, Helle Frederiksen, cruising.

Helle Frederiksen, 2014 Boulder Peak Tri



Men’s Pro winner, Matt Chrabot.

Matt Chrabot en route to winning the 2014 boulder peak triathlon


So thank you Boulder, 5150 and you local (and not so local) pros. What a great event. What a fantastic backdrop to kick your own a** on.

Two more things before we wrap up here. Both of which happened to me on Sunday that I think the internet needs to know about. 

1) I sat on a cactus. Literally. It (hilariously) hurt like a mofo. 

2) Post-race, while taking a GoPro selfie at the Boulder Reservoir, a woman on a SUP yells from the water, ‘hey, what’s that?’
‘a GoPro’
‘ah, cool. you buy into their IPO?’
‘whoa, didn’t see that coming. ah, yup! have a good one!’

If I’m not mistaken, that’s sort of the dictionary definition of Boulder, yeah? 😉

Oh, one last thing. I shot a quick video, too.

(Sorry Gabriel Zumbado, I didn’t get any shots of you on course, but I did get a great clip of you in your Newtons!)

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