2010 Tour of the Gila Photos

Quick and dirty post this morning.  Finally had a chance to sort through some of the photos I took during the 5 stages of the 2010 Tour of the Gila.  Camping and photo editing don’t go together so well…

First off, cheers to the event organizers for putting on a heck of an event.  Great mix of roads, scenery and weather.  Especially the weather.  I decided to camp for the week and saw everything from 85 degree days when I got into town, to snow, yes, SNOW! during the Gila’s final (and queen) stage, the Gila Monster!

5 stages, 5 photos, starting…now!

Men’s Pro ascending the Mogollon on stage 1.  Is this New Mexico, or the Pyrenees in July?

Lance Armstrong leading the bunch through the woods of Gila National Forest to the feed zone.

Levi Leipheimer getting super aero during stage 3’s TT.

Lance Armstrong rockin’ the retro RadioShack jersey.  Stage 4, Silver City crit.

Darren Lill (of Fly V) solo’ing to victory during Sunday’s queen stage.  The Gila Monster!  In the snow!

Bonus photo!  Check out the reflection in the glasses –

Double bonus photo!  The Fly V boys putting on a cornering clinic during the Silver City crit.

You can see the rest on my flickr, or my website.  Check back often as I’ll be adding to these galleries, asap.  O, and adding video as well. :-)



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